Werewolf. Coach. Lover. Spy.








Werewolf. Coach. Lover. Spy.

Not every wolf is made for the hunt. Lotte would much rather face her opponents on the tennis court than in a match where lives hang in the balance.

But when a player is found dead at her compound, choices become a flimsy, irrelevant thing.

Suspecting foul play, the Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency drags Lotte right into the vicious heart of the investigation.

To find the killer, she has to deceive the people she cares about, dig up the graves of hidden motives, and stay ahead of the game, no matter what the cost. Even if it means tapping into the very same werewolf ways she wanted nothing more than to leave far in the past.

But when the alternative is seeing another supernatural athlete die...

Could she truly afford to do anything less than set her bloodthirsty wolf free?

If you enjoy your urban fantasy with a twist, you won’t want to miss out on the Lotte Freundenberger series and its kickass heroine readers are saying would be in good company with Eve Dallas and Anita Blake!

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The Games are over. But the fight has just begun. 

When one of her coaches goes missing, fixing the club’s tarnished reputation becomes the least of Lotte’s problems. Especially as her mission to locate Voit puts her in the path of the one person she desperately hoped to avoid.

Refusing to subject herself to Isa Vogt’s volatile presence for a second time, Lotte forms an unconventional alliance with a demon who’s set on bringing her coach to safety. But a common goal isn’t the only thing Lotte and Afanasiy share.

As their attraction deepens and the string of disappearances shifts to murders, Lotte can’t bring herself to walk away. From the demon or the case.

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Off the court, the stakes are higher than just a lost match

Isa Vogt is convinced Lotte would make a great agent. But after spending three months cooped up at the ICRA facility, probed and prodded for any genetic changes, tying herself to them willingly is the last thing Lotte wants.

She has the Zentrum. Afanasiy. Her friends. There’s nothing that could convince her to sign away the freedom she has lost one too many times already.

Until a brutal beating leaves her former lover on the verge of death.

Lotte is incapable of waiting idly on the sidelines while the bastard responsible walks free. But if she strikes a deal with Isa Vogt to join the investigation, she will embark on a path she can’t come back from.

Is seeking justice for a ruined life worth ripping apart her own?

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When a hunt becomes a nightmare

Lotte barely settled into her new life as an ICRA agent when an executive order sends her on a mission to Berlin—the latest location of a vamp serial killer no one seems to be able to catch.

As if the murders involving torn throats and ancient dark magic aren’t troublesome enough on their own, Lotte learns the person responsible is someone she knows. Someone she never believed could go dark.

The evidence laid before her is irrefutable.

Only it doesn’t make hunting a loved one any easier.

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Dirty players require a dirty game. And Lotte is ready to play the filthiest one of them all.

In the ten months since Lotte’s promotion, the Kauer investigation has barely moved an inch. Even with Isa on her side and an entire team at her disposal, the widespread crime organization proves just as well-shielded and elusive as it has always been. A damn frustrating series of dead-ends.

When the single suspect ICRA managed to unearth disappears off the grid, Lotte decides to take a risk.

If she wants to catch the top players, she needs to adapt her game. But the shift comes with a serious gamble.

Yes, she might win and burn Kauer’s organization to the ground.

But if she fails…

The case isn’t the only thing she’ll end up losing. 

Fans of Keri Arthur, Patricia Briggs, and Diana Rowland will love PHANTOM MOON, the explosive finale to the suspenseful urban fantasy series where supernatural forces clash in a cloak-and-dagger war!

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Gaja J. Kos

Gaja J. Kos is a USA Today bestselling author with a mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

She is also a bisexual witch who grew up watching Xena, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one is really too surprised about the direction her adult live ended up taking.

She enjoys steamy books and steamier music, has an endless love for starry nights, and is a shameless summer babe with a soul-deep palm obsession.

Gaja resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband, two Chinese Crested dogs, and many, many plants.

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